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our family blog, dahlings.


Posted By chungcaa on Nov 18, 2009 at 11:15PM





so first i wanted

Posted By chungcaa on Oct 26, 2009 at 9:26AM

First I was attracted by a worldly concept. And I really, REALLY wanted it.

Then I realised there was God's work to do. And I was sad because that meant byebye beautiful (worldly) dream.

So I though maybe I should just put God first and perhaps He'd give me that thing I wanted.

And then, while doing my share of God's work, I came across some things...

Which made me wonder...


It's possible to do God's work AND achieve the worldly dream too...?

But it will be kind of hard to focus on the REAL goal... ><


would you support me in something if it was the best for me, even if it didn't make you happy?

past midnight, brain ain't coherent.




this is cool

Posted By chungcaa on Oct 26, 2009 at 9:23AM


Posted By chungcaa on Oct 22, 2009 at 11:07PM




okay first of all, big 캄사해 to daddy for maintaining the blog. :D best!

secondly, the nepal trip right, i NEED SUGGESTIONS FOR THE PLAY. So think of something la!!

Don't always ask ME. >(




Posted By chungcaa on Oct 13, 2009 at 8:04PM

Dear Family,

something to share about Happy Meals... I realize that all of us have a tendency to desire a 'Happy Meal' or rather it's equivalent.

At the time, I am so certain that the particular 'Happy Meal' is ALL I want and desire. Having it will definitely make me Happy for a LLLOOOONNNG time!

But then, does it really happen that way? NNNOOO! soon the 'happyness' wades away and shortly thereafter, i turn my eyes towards another 'Happy Meal' this time very sure that it will make be truly 'Happy'! BUT sadly the process repeats itself, after pursuing it and finally getting the 'Happy Meal' we want then our happyness begins to melt away.

Today, in a book I am reading, there are a passage about the Israelites... in Exodus and their similar story of asking for many "Happy Meals" in fact 40 yrears worth of them!

It began in Exo15:23 shortly after the Red Sea miracle crossing "waters in Marah was bitter - undrinkable" so they complained, God answered... water was made sweet

then only a few days later Exo16:2,3 they complained about hunger/starving compared to ("abundant slave food") when they were in Egypt, God answered... manna from heaven

later Exo 17:2 it was back to water again... not again?!

I am slowly learning that "Happy Meals" are not associated with happiness. So do remind me if I begin to ask or suggest that I want another 'Happy Meal'

Instead let me yearn for Joh14:4 for the waters from Jesus... "but whoever drinks of teh water that I shall give him shall never thirst, but the water I shall give him shall be in him a wall of water sprining up into everlasting life" ... that does sound much better to me.

What about you?




GOD hears prayers

Posted By chungcaa on Oct 1, 2009 at 6:13AM

hi, thismorning i said a prayer for abi. i pray that God wil  use this exam experience to teach abi to trust HIM , depend on Him and experience His grace, and learn to draw close to Him

Guess tonigt episode about the computer pretty much answer every part of the prayer!

thank God for His prompt response and let us learn to depend on Him and in everything give Him glory!!




Posted By chungcaa on Sep 30, 2009 at 12:46AM

Dear Family,

Read this story from a book on Prayer by Philip Yancey that I am almost done reading (started in earlier this year!... sorry slow reader...)

'You must be hungry after shoveling so hard! Let me get you a piece of apple pie. So you like apple pie? You stay right there and let me get you some pie.'

She was an 80yr widow, and I knew it would take her at least 10mins for her to make it into the kitchen, never mind dishing out the pie, I sat at the table, wondering how long she would make me sit before I got my pay and was there of there.

The offering was quintenssential New England: light golden brown crust, piping hot apples adn cold milk in a tall glass. I devoured it.

She had barely sat down at the head of the table to enjoy her slice when she noticed my bare plate. "Let me get you another piece!' There was no declining the offer: she was into the kitchen before I could open my mouth. Funny how quickly she could move at times. The pie was good, the milk cold, and I made quick work of her second offering.

But she kept talking and talking. It was the unspoken dread of our neighbourhood - getting caught with Mrs Back. We all  have a Mrs Back in our lives. Even at at young age, I began to reflect , how could somehow be so oblivious to the cues before her- how could she not notice that I wanted out of there?

About 10 years later, on a Monday afternoon, something inside me said, You need to tell Mrs Back. For on that previous Friday night, at a bachelor party in Harvard Square, I have myself to Jesus. I still hadn't told anybody. But somehow I knew: I was supposed to tell Mrs Back.

It was a lovely spring afternoon in May, and Mrs Back was hanging out her laundry to dry. I walked up to the fence. "Mrs Back, do you know what it means to be "born again"?'

She dropped everything and looked at me in sheer surprise and delight. "Why, yes I do.' She had been a pastor's wife, after all.

'Well the other night, I was born again.'

She looked at me and said with a firm note, 'You stay right there!' I stood on the driveway, at the fence, watching her hobble up to the back door, up the steps with her cane.

10 minutres later she came out from her back door, walked over to me and handed me the biggest, most delicious piece of choclate cake I had ever eaten in my life. She smiled adn said, 'Eat it!' And I devoured that piece of choclate cake as she stood there and gazed at me. Celebrating with me. Rejoicing with me.

Finally, she spoke. 'For the last 15 years, since you moved in, I have prayed every day for you and for Paul [my friend who lived on the other side o fher house] - I prayed every day that you would come to know Jesus.'

Well hope you liked this... as it touched my heart and taught me about praying, especially about praying for someone else.

luv, dad xxx :)


Posted By chungcaa on Sep 25, 2009 at 8:35AM


Monday, September 21, 2009

God's plan for our family dinner

Dear Family,

It's been too long since my last entry.

Anyways, as I continued to read the book Prayer by Philip Yancey; the thought came to me as I realized how God actually arranged our dinner last nite. As Abigail had indicated a wish to eat out as a means to have a break from her studying and we know she has made the effort to study with more discipline and this has also impacted on Amanda who now is getting into the groove of really studying/revising. I would like to say "Both of you are doing GREAT! keep it UP!"

Now onto the gist of my sharing -
As the afternoon wore on and even after fetching Abigail for ballet; I was clueless on the 'best place' to take the family for dinner. Then, I decided to just try checking through the internet; and thought I found an interesting place - 130E Minden (the name of the place still eludes me since I was mostly concerned about the food and how to get there)

BUT it started pouring and since it's an open dining place I thought oh... guess will have to consider plan B. Even as I picked up Abigail and rain came down in sheets... it was difficult to drive even slowly!  As we got home, then the dripping in Abigail's bathroom caused concern and 'delayed' us, and Abigail took a slightly longer time as she changed into a new/nice outfit to enjoy dinner. BUT my faith in having a nice dinner was fading even as I said a few short prayers...

SO we finally set out; STILL uncertain where to go but I noticed the rain slowed to a little drizzle... anyway, despite a discussion and suggestions and counter suggestions in the car; I made the decision to still go to 130EMinden failing which we will head to Great World City.

OK, even when we got there... there was still doubts whether the place was still there/operating since the phone number was 'not in service'.

FINALLY, as it turned out, despite the initial 'shock' that it's mainly a burger place with only other options being fish and chips, steak and a single pasta dish... we had a nice dinner together, enjoyed our mocktails and even managed to get a few laughs from the huge screen football Goal Fest programme that was running.

PTL, only now, i humbly realize and acknowledge God's plan and hand in our family dinner outing last nite.

Blessings and Love,
dad xxx :)

// Group Members